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TEDxBrownU brings the spirit of TED to local communities around the globe through TEDx events.
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What is TEDxBrownU?

TEDx is a grassroots initiative, created in the spirit of TED’s overall mission to research and discover “ideas worth spreading.” TEDxBrownU brings together Brown University students, alumni, professors, and members of the wider Providence community to share their ideas, stories, and innovations. In our 10 years of history, we produced over 100 TEDx talks, and we can’t wait to bring you more!

“We all have times when we don the mantle... don’t let it get in the way of your ability to use that motion to see things from the other person’s perspective.”
-- John Elion, M.D. Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine @ Brown
“Be open to serendipity and embrace the twists and turns of life.”
-- Thano Chaltas, Professor @ Brown School of Engineering
“I spent so many years trying to define success via external accomplishments, but, in the end, I realized that this whole time success lay within.”
-- Vincent Zhou, Team USA figure skater & 2-time Olympian
“Accessibility is an opportunity for creativity. So smell the art, hear the art, feel the art, and, yes, please touch the art.”
-- Rishika Kartik, US Presidential Scholar and Coca Cola Scholar
“We should stop asking 'why is this happening to me,' and instead start searching for 'what is this teaching me,' because there is beauty in the struggle.”
-- Bright Tsagali, Jack Kent Cooke Scholar
Since 2010, TEDxBrownU has had...
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2023 Conference
Our 2023 conference explored the theme Truth or Dare, showcasing truths that speakers learned about their world, and the journey they took to get there, or dares they have embarked on, not knowing what the outcome would be.
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Past Events
Truth or Dare
Our Spring 2023 conference highlighting speakers' learned truths and journeyed dares
Our Spring 2022 conference highlighting the detours speakers had to take along their journeys
Our Summer 2021 conference exploring the art of seeing what is invisible to others

Our second Spring 2021 conference tackled issues of human nature and  the environment
Our first Spring 2021 conference that asked: what spurs movement in human existence?
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